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The Western Association of Aboriginal Broadcasters (WAAB) was established in order to formalize the working partnership between the four founding members and to work on behalf of its members towards common goals.

CFNR - British Columbia

Classic Rock CFNR is operated by Northern Native Broadcasting – a non-profit organization based in Terrace, British Columbia. CFNR-FM has been in operation since 1986. CFNR is the only commercial content radio station broadcasting to over 50,000 people living in Aboriginal Communities in Northwestern and Central British Columbia. CFNR also broadcasts to the Queen Charlottes Islands, the Nass Valley, and all the surrounding coastal Native villages surrounding the Prince Rupert Area.

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WAAB Annual General Meeting July 29, 2018

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Things you should know about Internet Broadcasting

Things you should know about Internet Broadcasting

All of us have come across the internet broadcasting technology. It is the process of live streaming something over the web using the help of internet. In other terms, we call the same internet broadcasting as webcasting. Today, apart from the media houses doing the internet broadcasting stuff even a lot of commoners have begun to the same over the internet. With the growth in technology, all most everything is reachable and accessible to all of us. So here are some of the things that you have to know about internet broadcasting.

Things you should know about Internet Broadcasting

Net Broadcasting Technology:

Though the net broadcasting technology has reached common hands and almost all of us know how to go about it, even today the major sector that uses it is the media houses. The net broadcasting stuff is more than often a process carried out by the television operators and radio stations. Earlier only there were fewer options to access media and the programs that they broadcast, a program missed is missed. With the growth of technology, people found alternate ways to broadcast, and as a result, the web broadcasting concept came in. Even if you miss a program or if your TV or radio set isn’t functioning you can log in to their site and view the program live.

A bit of history:

Today it is not a wonder that we are enjoying the benefits of webcasting because we are witnessing much greater things happening because of internet and IoT devices. But the beginning of webcasting is quite interesting. The concept was originated in the year 1995 roughly. Back then they only decided that they would share their media files over the internet and people would gain access to it. So this would abolish the idea of actually going up to the radio or television set to listen to or see it.

Apple under its brand name Macintosh first uploaded a musical box online for listeners to listen to it. It was a music festival that was organised by them and went streaming online. This was the first step in net broadcasting. Then after that, a lot of other people followed the same idea and live broadcasted their shows online.

It is quite interesting to note that even a wedding that took place in the year 1998 was live telecasted over the internet and it was the first wedding ceremony that was broadcasted online. Today it is called the wedcast where someone gets to livebroadcast the wedding ceremony.


This is how all the TV and radio shows were webcasted over a period of time. Today in the busy schedule that we are into and with our smartphones catering to all our needs, it is the concept of webcasts that help us cope with the shows that we miss any time, anywhere.

5 Major Tips to get better at Broadcasting

5 Major Tips to get better at Broadcasting

Broadcasting can be quite a known concept today.  However, there are a lot of things that we have to perfect ourselves in and following these on a regular basis can definitely make us better when it comes to broadcasting. So here are some of the tips that you must reflect if you are into broadcasting.

5 Major Tips to get better at Broadcasting

Tips to remember

You always need a backup:

Remember that you are going online and there will be tonnes of people who will be watching your show that is streaming live online. In such a case imagine there’s a crash or mishap in the existing set or the equipment has trouble the whole program with simply get ruined. So it is very much imperative that you have a backup set. This will always help you if things backfire. You can also avoid investing huge time resource if you have alternatives.  Therefore always be ready with a backup system.

Carry a checklist:

A lot of websites online that help you in listing things that are probably required to broadcast an event.  Also, it is not always about the material stuff, but there are also other things that you have to take care of. Carrying a checklist will help you to be certain of the things that are happening around you and also make sure that they are happening in the way they have to.  So make a to-do list to make sure that you aren’t lost.

Stay intact with you technical team:

Your members of the technical team you work on these live streaming session are the ones who need your presence all the time. Though they might be capable of getting things done on their own, you need to start intact with them. This will help them with better and prioritise things are per the requirements and organise things better. So always stay close to your technical crew.

Make thorough use of technology:

Technology is one thing that you cannot do away with, not even for a second. In media, every single moment thrives on technology. This is why we are asking you to make complete use of technology. Also if you are into broadcasting, you will probably know how important technology is. You can always make better choices and cover a larger part of the audience if you make your preferences with the updated technology.

No perfection required:

Remember broadcasting is not about perfection. Of course,  the process has to be perfect but not the theme or the concept. Only as long as your projects and shows are creative will your shows stand long. So be creative and think out of the box!

Ernest M. Manly


Hi. I am Ernest M. Manly and I am the person in-charge of all the executive activities in WAAB. In WAAB we try to promote broadcasting, a network that works on a large scale across the globe. We also try and collaborate with a lot of broadcasting organisations that are both commercial and charitable ones. We created this platform to help people understand the concept of broadcasting so that they might be able to relate themselves to it and help us spread culture better.


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