Native Communications Inc. (NCI-FM) operates in Manitoba as a non-profit public broadcaster.
NCI was incorporated under the laws of Manitoba on September 30th, 1971 and since become
one of the largest Aboriginal broadcasters in Canada.
With over 39 years in the radio industry, NCI-FM is regarded as "The Voice of Aboriginal People".
NCI-FM provides a commercial "Hot Country" weekday format (6:00 -6:00 p.m.) and
cultural/Aboriginal language programming in the evenings (7:00 -12:00 a.m.)
The network broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on 59 FM transmitters (two of which are 100,000 watts).
NCI-FM is heard in all major cities; Winnipeg, Brandon, Thompson and over 70 Manitoba communities.


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Native Communications Inc. (NCI) - Manitoba


NCI-FM's music programming is a mix of the hottest Country hits and Aboriginal artists. The programming consists of issues relevant to it's listeners and is delivered in English as well as Cree and Ojibway. The NCI-FM website has over 100,000 unique monthly visitors and it has become an intuitive, interactive, daily component of NCI-FM listenership.
Based on a province-wide survey in June 2008, Probe Research Inc. discovered:

One-in-three Manitoba radio listeners have heard of NCI-FM.

NCI-FM is the leading radio station among Manitoba Aboriginals; 33% state this as the station they most frequently listen to. NCI-FM is far ahead of Power 97 FM (7%) and CJOB 68 (6%) among Aboriginal listeners.

Outside of Winnipeg NCI-FM has almost half (48%) of the entire listening audience with none of the other stations coming close to this percent.

NCI-FM listeners appear to be: First Nations on-reserve residents (69%), University and College graduates (25%), from affluent households (21%)

As of June 2010, NCI-FM reaches 140,000 listeners daily.


Listeners can tune in Monday to Friday to hear

NCI Breakfast Show with Gerry "The Big Bear" Barrett and Richard Mason and Scott Taylor with Sports

MJHL Broadcasts with NHL legendary broadcaster of the Winnipeg Jets and the Phoenix Coyotes, Curt Keilback calling the play-by-play with Scott Taylor doing the color commentary

NCI Music Mix and The Internet Cafe

NCI at Noon

NCI "Hot Country and More" Music Mix

Brian Cook in the Afternoon and Drive Show

Lorraine George with "Friends on Fridays"

NCI Music Mix- with "Cowboy" Carl Thomas


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